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What is Crypto Art?

I'm adding new links to this page as crypto art blows up. 

Update: crypto art made it to wikipedia (wow such mainstream). 

Here's a really good intro by DCL Blogger:

A quick video intro to SuperRare:

When I first fell down the crypto art rabbit hole, I found this epic list by obxium to be really useful. 

Another super useful site is B.A.D. - The Blockchain Art Directory

This article by Artnome
is also a must read if you're interested in the origins of crypto art.

Want to go deep into the first year of SuperRare art metrics? I knew you would, check out this medium article and amazingly detailed paper by HEX0x6C

In 2019 I launched XERO gallery, displaying a collection of crypto art in the VR world of CryptoVoxels. All artwork was donated by artists and offered for sale with 0 reserve. All proceeds were donated to thewaterproject.org (minus platform fees). You can read about that in this SuperRare medium article. Visit XERO gallery in your browser here (currently closed for renovations).