XCOPY XCOPY London based CryptoArtist


🏴 Hello there

I'm a london based long time digital artist and crypto enthusiast. I make art for fun and expect it to be consumed on your favourite device. Turn your music up.

Warning: flashing imagery. 

Crypto Art


For single edition (1/1) cryptoart check out SuperRare. I was lucky to be on SuperRare from launch and have released over 80 NFTs on the platform. Take a look at the activity feed on the site and follow them on twitter @SuperRare_co.


I'm also a big fan of KnownOrigin, a UK based team working hard in the crypto art space. Give them a follow on twitter @KnownOrigin.io

If you're looking for somewhere to buy cryptoart with USD try R.A.R.E Art Labs or Digital Objects

I've been posting mashed up glitchy art-noise to my tumblr for close to a decade now. You can find that over here. I recently rejoined Insta, but I'm most active on twitter these days. I also have a GIPHY channel.

Get in touch if you have any questions, reach out on twitter or email me: hello.xcopy@gmail.com

🙏🏻 Thanks for reading. 

Quick Links:

R.A.R.E Art Labs 
Digital Objects