XCOPY XCOPY London based crypto artist


🏴 h e l l o 

I'm a London based long time digital artist and crypto enthusiast. I make art for fun and expect it to be consumed on your favourite device. Turn your music up!

Warning: flashing imagery. 

For super quick links check out my Linktree

Crypto Art

For single edition (1/1) crypto art check out SuperRare. I was lucky to be on SuperRare from launch and have released over 100 NFTs on the platform. SuperRare just refreshed their site, check it out and follow them on twitter @SuperRare.

I'm also a big fan of KnownOrigin, a UK based team working hard in the crypto art space. 

This is crypto art 2.0, take a look at what Async are doing it's amazing. 

Nifty Gateway

Honoured to join the amazing list of artists that have released work with Nifty Gateway.

The Rarible marketplace is chaotic and who wouldn't want to battle memes and insurance for a slice of your attention. Check out my store here.

Historically I've released work on the now defunct Ascribe.io,  R.A.R.E Art Labs and Digital Objects

Get in touch if you have any questions, find me on twitter or email me at hello.xcopy@gmail.com