🏴  London based long time gif artist.

Hello, welcome to my site! I've been posting mashed up glitchy art-noise to my tumblr for close to a decade now. You can find that over here.

This site is intended to curate some of that chaos into a selection of digital editions - AKA crypto art. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of crypto art and want to dive a little deeper, check out this guide by Matt Condon. If you're already sold and want to get your hands on some, check out the RARE Art Labs guide to buying rare digital art.

Buy some XCOPY crypto art: 
I currently have crypto art editions available on these platforms:
SuperRare These are all 1 of 1 editions - rare as fark
R.A.R.E Art Labs
 1/10 editions 


Email me or hit me up on twitter if you have any questions: xcopy.art@gmail.com
🙏🏻 Thanks for looking